Pattaya, Ladyboy Capital Of Thailand

Pattaya, Ladyboy Capital Of Thailand

If you are into Ladyboys and want to visit Thailand there is only one place to go. Pattaya is the priemier destination to meet the hottest ladyboys.

If you’ve heard of Pattaya, you probably know that this is the best place in the world to visit if you want to meet a Ladyboy. If you are excited about that idea but you are pretty much tabula rasa when it comes to the subject, this guide will help you make the smart choice and spend your time in this beautiful Thailand city in the best possible way.

Pattaya, Thailand’s City Of Sin

Pattaya is the most famous resort cities in Thailand, meaning it’s a favorite tourist location. Many foreigners come to live in Pattaya, and the state of Thailand is encouraging that by giving visas for outsiders older than 50 years. Pattaya is an attractive place to visit because of its tropical climate, beautiful beaches, and lots of sights to see. While knowing the local language is a plus, you’ll do fine if you speak English. Of course, thousands of tourists come to Pattaya because of Ladyboys, so let’s focus on that!

Is It Legal To Hire A Ladyboy Escort?

Prostitution in Thailand is illegal since 1960, but at the same, it’s not! While in theory, a prostitute could end up in prison for a lifetime if she is caught selling love. Local governments are ignoring prostitution since it attracts tourists and brings over six billion dollars every year. Thais are in general extremely tolerant people, so sex workers have much better status than in even most liberal western countries. Can you get in trouble with the law if you hire a Ladyboy in Pattaya? Not exactly, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful about other things we’ll mention later.

Where To Meet Them? The Safest Options

Meeting a Ladyboy in Pattaya is easier than anywhere else in the world, and you don’t have to make any effort to do so. For wealthy visitors, there is an option to hire one via an escort service. Be aware that this could be expensive, as one-hour session might cost you significantly more than 100 dollars! Still, there are benefits if you go this way. If you care a lot about discretion, it’s easy to set up everything online an meet at the place of your choice. It might cost you a lot, but this way you won’t risk your safety and privacy. Top rated escorts agencies are safe, so you’ll get what you paid for. 

Check The Bars!

You can still be safe if you hire a Ladyboy on the streets, but be careful and sensible. What you should skip is Beach Road. This is the popular place for Ladyboys, but at the same time, it’s quite risky, as the crime rate is high. Most of the victims are elderly foreigners under the influence, as they are an easy target. Still, even if you are young and sober, there is no need to risk your health.  A much better option is Walking Street, which is a popular tourist attraction, well-known for its bars. Still, most of the bars are just that – places where you can grab a few drinks and meet local girls. Thankfully, there are plenty of bars in red-light districts that hire only ladyboys. That way, you’ll be safe if you are still not sure how to make a difference between a girl and a Ladyboy. Not all bars are the same though – some of them like Pook Bar are great if you want to get straight to business, even during the daytime. Of course, this is a much cheaper option than hiring an escort from the agency. This is our preferred choice because it’s generally safe and you’ll have a much better selection since there are thousands of Ladyboys willing to give you a unique pleasure. Plus, it’s the sort of adventure you won’t find anywhere else, so you should experience it!

“Not all bars are the same though – some of them like Pook Bar are great if you want to get straight to business, even during the daytime.”

Find your true love

If you would like to have Ladyboy as your girlfriend, then congratulations are in order for your open-mindedness. It’s still are rare site to see a foreigner and a Ladyboy in Pattaya showing affection in public, kissing or even holding hands. 

Will you be in trouble if you do so? Not at all, because as we said, Thais mind their business and they don’t care who are you dating. Even though Ladyboys are discriminated as they can’t be hired for some jobs or get married, their life is more comfortable here than anywhere else. One of the common questions is, are men looking for a Ladyboy are gay or at least bisexual? 

While that may be a complicated question, in Thailand, no one would consider you gay as Ladyboys are very feminine. Also, Ladyboys find themselves females and are not interested in dating gay men. If you are dating a Ladyboy who has a Ladyboy friend, rest assured that they are not having an affair. 

There are almost no examples of Ladyboys being attracted to anyone else but heterosexual men. But, let’s put it this way – we still haven’t heard of a case where a gay man has fallen in love with a Ladyboy. Our best advice is not to think about that, as the public won’t judge you either in Pattaya or the whole of Thailand. 

Still, it’s not easy to form a long term relationship with a Ladyboy. Ladyboys in bars are usually working as prostitutes, and if you go outside of tourist areas, you’ll have a hard time finding them, especially if you don’t know how to recognize them. There is a solution, and that’s online dating! There are plenty of sites offering you a chance to meet a Ladyboy, and if you are a match, you can start seeing her. 

Before you do, you should know a few rules. Don’t ever call her a shemale or even a Ladyboy, and go with “transgender” if you must. Of course, always treat her like a lady as she considers herself a woman. The rest of it is common sense. Tell her that she is pretty and don’t mention if you don’t like something about her looks, as Ladyboys tend to be sensitive and will make a scene in no time. 

Be a gentleman, be an open book and respect her opinion even if you don’t agree with her. You should know that in Thailand generally, it’s perfectly acceptable to date someone who will offer you financial security. That is especially important for Ladyboys because their treatments are expensive, especially surgical procedures. 

You should be prepared for this, as it’s a common thing even you are dating a girl. Also, be ready for the possibility that this relationship could end up badly, so finding a Ladyboy to spend your whole life with is not easy. It’s not uncommon for local men to date Ladyboys, but usually, they later marry a woman so they could have children. 

Ladyboys in Thailand don’t even have an option to adopt. Still, don’t think too hard about it, and have fun. Just be aware that if your relationship fails, it’s not something unusual and you shouldn’t be hard on yourself.

Is She A Girl Or A Ladyboy?

Thanks to advanced procedures and treatments, it’s harder then ever to find out if a person you are talking to is a girl or a Ladyboy. In Thailand, most of the Ladyboys are starting treatment since their early days, so by their twentieth birthday, they already have smooth skin and developed breasts. While there are many techniques to spot a Ladyboy, let’s focus on a few of the best ones.

Deeper voice – while Ladyboys are trained to speak softer, you’ll recognize them if you exchange more then a few sentences. You’ll need time to develop this skill, though.

Height – Ladyboys are generally much taller than females. Of course, just because someone is tall, it doesn’t mean that you are looking at a Ladyboy! Still, this is a factor that can help you if you have other pieces of information too. 

I.D. card – The only way to be 100% sure is to ask for I.D. card as it will show you if the person is born as male or female. Thailand is strict about it, so officially, all Ladyboys are recognized as men. 

Don’t pay much attention to their chest or if they have broad shoulders, as the right therapy and skilled surgeon will fix that. The same can be said about Adam’s Apple, as removing it is a standard procedure. Know that most of the Ladyboy won’t ever do vaginoplasty, not only because it’s expensive, but also because most men prefer them in original state. Also, there is a risk of losing sensation during sex.

Be Smart And Have Fun!

Like in everyday life, you have to make smart choices when you come to Pattaya willing to find adventure with a local Ladyboy. Depending on your needs and your wallet, you can get complete discretion, or you can be more adventurous and meet them yourself in local bars. If spending time with a Ladyboy is something you are curious about, Pattaya is the best place in the world to visit!

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