How to Date A Ladyboy And Make Her Adore You

How to Date A Ladyboy And Make Her Adore You

Here are 13 surefire ways to impress your Ladyboy when you go on your first date.

Dating a Ladyboy seems like an exciting idea to you? You are not alone! Their beauty and femininity may inspire you to think about that, but maybe you are also afraid to try it out. Dating a Ladyboy is quite a unique experience, so you’ll need more than common sense and decency to keep her interested, and maybe form a meaningful relationship. Don’t be afraid though, as with a bit of effort she’ll fall in love with you head over heels. There is no perfect recipe for how to seduce a Ladyboy – after all, they are human beings like all of us, so they have different personalities. Still, we prepared advice that will help you break the ice and later win her heart.

“There is no perfect recipe for how to seduce a Ladyboy”

Take Her To Nice Places

Fancy restaurants in the Philippines and Thailand generally are not at all that expensive, so there is no need to be a cheap date. Take her to places she has never seen. The good idea is to buy her a present. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but make it meaningful, so it gets stuck in her mind. Remember that creativity is better than just throwing your money at her. 

Know How To Address Her

Ladyboy is a controversial term, and even though most won’t be offended, it’s better not to use that term for her or in general. If you use the word “transgender,” you’ll be safe, as that’s the preferred term in the last couple of years. Maybe she likes to use a different term, but there is no way you’ll offend her if you start with “transgender,” as that covers all the bases. Don’t even try using “shemale” as that’s a word invented for porn. As for the pronouns, use common sense – transsexual women are women in their heart and mind, so you should address her accordingly.  

Don’t Date a Ladyboy Before You Clear Up Your Past

The worst thing in the world would be to go on a date with a Ladyboy if you had a terrible relationship in your past and you still think about that a lot. It will be hard for you to focus on her and she’ll notice that. Even worse, you may end up talking about it, and it will look like you involve her in your personal drama. So, make things clear in your head before you start something new. It’s a common sense for dating anyone but believe us, lots of people need this reminder.

Take Care Of Your Looks

When going on the first date with Ladyboy, you probably have no idea if she is into a bearded man or clean shaved, or if she likes longer or shorter hair on you. You can’t do much about it, but if you take care of how you look, that will be a plus in her book. It’s not all about the looks and hygiene, but that’s the first thing she’ll notice. The first impression is still important, and it will always be – that’s human, not just Ladyboy nature.

You Should Never Forget To Compliment Her Looks

Ladyboys take great care about themselves, so tell her that she is beautiful. Don’t stop at generic compliments – talk about the small details you’ve noticed on her as she’ll appreciate that. On the other hand, maybe there is something that you don’t like about her, but it’s not a good idea to tell her about that. Just don’t pay attention to it and focus on things you love about her looks. Don’t forget that if she’s not complaining about your looks, it doesn’t mean you are perfect in her eyes. She just has the decency not to talk about that.

Don’t Ever Forget She Is A Lady

Be chivalrous all the time – open the door for her, help her sit down when you are in the restaurants and always ask what she would like to eat. She is a lady, and she wants to be treated like one. Ladyboys love the idea of prince charming that will always be there to protect her. That doesn’t mean they are weak and unable to take care of themselves, but they would like to feel safe with you. 

Show Her That You Are Interested

You should ask her safe questions on your first date, but that doesn’t mean they have to be generic. Try to find out what she likes to do in her spare time or what she dreams about. These question will send her a sign that you want to build a strong relationship with her. Be a careful listener too!  Try to remember as much as you can, like when is her birthday, what’s her favorite ice cream flavor or things like that. There will be a time when you’ll have a chance to use that knowledge, and she’ll be amazed that you know that. Even better, she’ll see that you are into her.

Some questions are out of line, so don’t ask her about her genitals or sexual fantasies. You’ll look like someone only interested in sex with her. Of course, you would like to know that but have patience. Remember that you are seeking a real relationship, so you’ll know almost everything about her sooner or later.



Don’t Underestimate Her intelligence


So, you are on a date, and she gives you an opinion you strongly disagree with. Maybe she even said something that’s not the truth, but that doesn’t give you the right to be rude. You can use say, “I agree with you but…” or “That’s a clever way of thinking but for me…” The only person in the world that will always agree with you is yourself, so you’ll have to accept her opinions. Make your point of view about the subject, but don’t be arrogant. If you are polite, it will be easier for her to agree with your opinion or at least respect it. Love is all about the compromise, and it’s stupid to lose a potential lover only because you have disagreements

Help Her Get To Know You


You shouldn’t only ask questions and give answers. Maybe she is shy, and that’s why it’s essential to know how to talk about yourself. Tell her about your passions in life, about your achievements and plans for the future. You are not on a business date, so smile, sound exciting, inspire her to open up but don’t demand that. Give her time to come out of her shell. Don’t be arrogant though as no one likes that. As long as your a polite not just to her but also to people like waiters or drivers, you’ll be fine. She wants to be your queen, but if you are not respectful to other people, she might think you’ll also be rude to her friends. Of course, always focus your attention to her. It’s never a good idea to look around as when you are on a date with her; she should be in the center of your world. The worst thing in the world you could do is to comment on another woman or a Ladyboy and tell things like “She is pretty.” That’s not a good idea for the first, tenth or any other date!


Don’t Rush


Remember, this is a guide on how to date a Ladyboy, and not how to have a one night stand with her. If you are not sure if your question or decisions will offend her, then don’t do it. She is tabula rasa for you, so do take time to know her and form a picture in your head, piece by piece. In time, everything will get easier.


Don’t Start Arguments


Ladyboys are sensitive beings, so if you raise your voice, she might give you hell and make a scene if you are in public. No one likes to be yelled at. Still, if you have an issue about her, that doesn’t mean you should forget about it. Have a meaningful conversation, and you’ll have much better luck.


Show Her That You Are Proud To be With Her


When you are in public, don’t be afraid to hold her hand as that will be the sign that you are happy to be with her and you don’t care what other people might think. It’s common that men don’t like to show their feelings in public, but you’ll need to go an extra mile when you are with a Ladyboy.  If you are not showing affection, she’ll think you don’t like her, and that might not end up well. So do try harder.


Remind Her That You Had A Great Time


If the first date was to your liking, tell her how much you have enjoyed spending the time with her. Don’t forget to send her a text later and tell her that you miss her. For most of Ladyboys, this is essential proof that you are interested, so you can already make plans to see her again soon. 


Don’t Play Hard To Get


If you like a Ladyboy, there is no need to pretend that you are not particularly interested. Express your feelings, ask her another date and be genuine. Genuine is sexy, not only to Ladyboys but everyone. Being hard to get is a thing of past.


This article should help you win the heart of a Ladyboy, so do try to remember most of the things we said. Once more, keep in mind that this is not a universal guide, as every Ladyboy has its personality that you’ll have to learn about in the process. Still, if you are a gentle, caring person that knows how to start a conversation and be respectful, you’ll stand a high chance to succeed. Even if you end up not liking your date, you’ll still gain valuable experience for the next time. Don’t give up if your first date with Ladyboy was a bust. Try again, but no matter what happens, always stay a gentleman and soon enough, you’ll have your arms around a Ladyboy that will adore you. Good luck!

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