25 Reasons Ladyboys Are Better Than Real Girls

25 Reasons Lady Boys Are Better Than Real Girls

Find out why Ladyboys are better than real girls in this in depth article.

There’s this old saying that goes: “There are plenty of fish in the sea.” Have you heard of it before? Probably. Well, while that statement might be true for some, have you ever thought about more adventurous options besides “fish in the sea”?

 Chicks are great, feminine, seductive, some are hot, some are wild in the sack but perhaps it’s time to branch out into some more exciting territories, of course, if that tickles your fancy. And if you’re looking to spice up your sex game, perhaps a Ladyboy might be to your liking. Besides, you can’t really know until you’ve tried one for yourself, right? So without any more boring introductory nonsense, let’s dive in straight away, shall we?

 Here are 25 of the biggest reasons to try out ladyboys and see if some action with them might suit you better.

1. More Assets Than A Female

All Ladyboys come with the benefit that they have more assets than just a regular female. We’re talking of course about the addition of that special something. And while some of you might say that you’re losing out on real women, you’re forgetting that Ladyboys are a woman with the sexual mindset of a man. Its like having a best guy friend that is a chick and you can, well you know…. You should definitely take that into consideration.

2. A Complete Absence Of Periods

This is an obvious one. You don’t have to deal with period when you’re with a ladyboy. This is perfect for those who don’t like waiting a week every month without sex. You don’t have to wait with Ladyboys. You can go to town whenever you want, whatever the time of the day and/or time of the month. Also, this means that ladyboys don’t get PMS either.

I don’t know whether it’s because ladyboys started off as guys, so they know how to work a cock better, but they’re just so much better at blowjobs.

3. No Random Mood swings

Girls are known to have all sorts of mood swings that are unbearable. Ladyboys aren’t going to do you like that and they stay sane all the damn time. You don’t really have to worry about them snapping for no reason and starting a fight for the sake of starting a fight. They’re calm, collected, and always ready for some sexy time if you’re up for it as well.

4. Always Ready For Action

Its a rational explanation as to why Ladyboys are always looking to get down and dirty, sexually they are as horny as men. So it definitely makes sense that they would be a bit freakier than the average woman. Many of these Ladyboys are ready to go, because here in Asia they usually look to get play from foreigners, not locals. And if you’re dating them then you better be ready for constant action. Who doesn’t love that?

5. They Give You The Holy Grail

Here’s the thing, right? When you’re with a chick, more often than not you’re going to get sex, but they won’t let you go… well you know where I am talking about. Maybe if she’s in a good mood and it’s your birthday you’ll get some anal play. However, with Ladyboys it’s a completely different story. In most cases that’s your only option. Not every Ladyboy is a bottom but in my experience most are. And many like it rough. 

6. Oral Sex Can Be Better Than With Real Girls

I don’t know whether it’s because Ladyboys started off as guys, but it seems like they know how to work it much better. Not every Ladyboy is so skilled but in general they’re just so much better at it. This includes “handy’s” as well as those two usually go hand in hand. They know exactly where to hit you and where you’re sensitive. You won’t believe that oral could feel that good when you try them with these “special” girls.

7. You Get Experimentation

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t thought of trying a cock at least once in their lives. Everyone knows that all men have that thought go through their head at least once. You’ve definitely thought about it too, so why not get a Ladyboy and start experimenting with that idea as well. You’ll have so many new options opened up to you with a Ladyboy due to the existence of more tools and assets.

8. Ladyboys Are More Willing To Get Freaky

If you’ve ever been with a woman, you know how hard it is to get them to try new and freaky things. They’re always looking to keep things as vanilla as possible as that’s more than enough for them to cum. Ladyboys are always willing to get freaky with you, whether it’s a dirty fetish that you’ve wanted to try out or something even freakier.

9. More Open For New Sexual Experiences

Girls just don’t cut it when it comes to innovation in the bedroom. Be honest with yourself, how many things did you bring to the bedroom, and how many things did she bring? You were doing all the heavy lifting since chicks are always good with the status-quo. Ladyboys are always looking to expand their horizons with some new and interesting activities in the bedroom.

10. Tits are included in the package

This isn’t an advantage more than it is a lack of something that girls have. Everyone loves tits, so it’s no surprise that ladyboys get the best tit job the first thing that they decide to transition. Tits are always on top of the list and the reason for that is that guys like yourself want something to grab while they’re having sex and tits are perfect for this purpose.

11. Try new things out with a cock

There are so many things that you can do with a cock that you just can’t do with any of the body parts that a chick has. Say goodbye to strap-ons cause what ladyboys are bringing to the table is an actual cock, complete with all the functionalities of a real one. You’ll get to experience being penetrated, sucking dick, or just about anything else concerning dicks.

12. No risk of ladyboys getting pregnant

Probably one of the most important things is the fact that you don’t have to pull out… ever. You can cum inside a ladyboy all you want, and they’ll never get pregnant. They just don’t have the tools to bear a child, and that’s perfect for you if you want to cum inside of them. Naturally, they don’t have a pussy where you can cum, but you can do it in their ass.

13. See where you stand on the sexuality spectrum

It’s no secret that everyone swings from side to side when it comes to the sexuality spectrum. Sometimes you feel a bit straighter and sometimes you’re feeling like getting it on with a dick. Either way, with a ladyboy you’re getting both options served to you and you can pick whichever you feel is more appropriate at the time.

14. You can be more open with ladyboys

Since Ladyboys are under a lot of stigma from society, you’re likely to find out that they’re really empathetic especially if you accept them for who they are. This means that they’ll treat you well both sexually and in real life just because you accept them and their cock. This is amazing news if you’re looking for a good time with fewer responsibilities.

15. You’re more likely to be accepted by ladyboys

It works both ways really. Not only are you going to have an easy time accepting them, but in turn, you’re also going to feel more accepted. All those weird fetishes that you’ve had hidden at the back of your mind? Yeah, let them all out, cause you don’t have to worry for a second that this kind of person is going to stigmatize you for who you are.

16. You’re getting the best of both worlds

Women and their amazing tits, dudes and their hard cocks. How about both? Well, with ladyboys, you can expect both of these assets to be present and it’s up to you to decide how you’re going to use them to your advantage. There are so many different things that you can do so don’t be afraid to experiment.

17. Ladyboys are always looking for action

Nobody knows whether it’s because they’re more likely to be sexual deviants, but these ladyboys just can’t get enough action going for them. They could fuck and get fucked for hours on end and they still wouldn’t have enough. This is great news if you’re looking for a source of sex that you just can’t run out of. You’ll never run dry with a ladyboy.

18. It can be as straight as you want

Don’t like the thought of sucking dick or taking it up the ass? No worries, you probably don’t have to do any of that if your ladyboy is just looking to be the bottom. The only thing that you’ll have to deal with is the fact that the ladyboy has a cock and he’s probably going to jerk himself off while sucking you off. Still though, you won’t be able to see that from the tits.

19. Tits of all shapes and sizes

Ladyboys have the freedom to implant tits of any size. In fact, they have to get implants, so you already know that there are ladyboys with titties of all shapes and sizes. There are ladyboys with silicone tits that look and feel more natural, often smaller. And there are also ladyboys with saline tits which are perkier, but harder to the touch. It’s on you to decide which you like more.

20. Tight assholes for longer than chicks

Some say that it’s the fact that they have more muscular buttocks, but ladyboys tend to have their anal cavity remain tight for longer than chicks. With only a few thrusts, you’ve spread a chick as far as it can go, and you’ll barely feel any of the tightness on your cock after that. With ladyboys though, you can expect the tightness to remain as you keep on going and it’s only going to loosen up after intense anal.

21. More emotional stability than chicks

Ladyboys are just naturally more equipped to deal better with emotional turmoil. It has to do with the fact that they still have male brain wiring so they’re more stable overall. Chicks can be unpredictable and the last thing you want is some crazy girl to get in between you and sexual pleasure. But we all know how often that can happen with girls. They’re just so impossible to predict with their moodiness.

22. Something new that you can try out

If you’re sick and tired of doing the same old thing with the same annoying feminist brainwashed women over and over again, then try out Ladyboys. You’re looking at completely new and unexplored territory here that’s poised to yield a lot of new experiences and sexual pleasure if you give it the chance that it rightfully deserves.

23. You Don’t Have To Buy Tampons And Pads

Think about all the times when you had to go to the store and buy tampons or pads just cause your girl doesn’t want to move her ass cause she’s having cramps and in pain. Well, with Ladyboys this problem is just non-existent. All you have to is stay stocked with some condoms, lube and you’re good to go (Don’t forget the sex toys, LOL). No need for any of that Midol and other stuff.

24. If they’re clean, you can go in raw

Like any real woman, if you are fairly certain that they that clean of STD, and they cleaned themselves properly before hand, then you can go in raw with minimum risk. Basically, any hole is a go and wherever else she begs for juice. The real question is how many rounds can you do?

25. They Look Just Like Real Girls But With Something Extra.

You can find some really convincing Ladyboys that have all the features that a girl has minus the va-jayjay (in most cases). While some people might take this as a deal-breaker, you should look at this as an advantage. You’re basically getting a completely different sexual mindset while getting all the best of a female included.


All in all, there really is no reason not to try a hot ladyboy. There are 25 reasons listed here, but those are just some of the millions of others that people that have tried ladyboys can think of. If you venture into that kind of sexual experience then you’ll definitely find some reasons that aren’t mentioned here as well.

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