10 Ways To Spot A Ladyboy

10 Ways To Spot A Ladyboy

When the moment comes, you never want to be in doubt. So here are the best ten ways to spot a ladyboy when on your trip to South East Asia.

If you have even a remote interest in visiting South East Asia, there is no way you haven’t heard about Ladyboys. They are most prevalent in Thailand and the Philippines. Even if it’s not your bag, it’s prudent to know how to spot them. 

 In Thailand, they are known as “Kathoey” or “Katoey“, but most of the time Thai Ladyboys will refer to themselves as a “Phuying “, which could be translated as “Women.” 

 In the Philippines, they are known as “Bakla” , which could be translated as “Feminine Gays”  but most of the time that is considered derogatory. Usually in the Philippines they will refer to themselves simply as “Ladyboy”.

Unlike most of the countries in the world, Ladyboys have their visible presence in both Philippine and Thai culture. There are numbers of successful singers, models or even movies stars that are identified as Ladyboys. 

“What is so fascinating about Ladyboys is that they are so feminine with their soft skin, perfect hair and they may even sound like a typical female, at least on the first glance.”

Even in the Thai villages and Philippine Barangays, they are accepted, so there are Ladyboy beauty contests or pageants held as a part of local Thai fairs and Philippine fiestas. 

What is so fascinating about Ladyboys is that they are so feminine with their soft skin, perfect hair and they may even sound like a typical female, at least on the first glance. Even the locals can’t be sure if someone is a lady or a Ladyboy, so if you are a foreigner, you’ll have even more problems recognizing them. 

If you are in fear that you’ll meet a gorgeous girl and figure out later that she is a Ladyboy, what you can do is prepare yourself. There are many ways to figure if you are speaking with a Ladyboy, but here is our top ten that might help you.

1. They Are Taller Than Average Asian females.

Like most of the women from Southeast Asia, Thai and Pinay Ladyboys are small in stature. There are exceptions of course, but they are rare. On the other hand, Ladyboys are naturally taller and sometimes go well over 180 cm/six feet. Generally, if a person you are looking at is higher than 170 cm/5’7″, there is a high chance that it’s a Ladyboy. Still, as we said, there are exceptions, so this method works better if combined with at least a few others.

2. They Look Like Females More Than Females Do

Ladyboys feel the need to express their femininity more than girls do like as if they have something to prove. You’ll see them wearing lots of makeup, and moving in the way that you won’t be able not to notice her. If you see someone walking down the streets of Bangkok like it’s a catwalk, that might well be a Ladyboy trying to get all the attention, as they usually do! There are many reasons why Ladyboys are better than real girls.

3. Their Emotions Are Running High

Ladyboys are usually passionate and also taking hormones, so when you speak with them, you’ll probably hear them talking in a high-pitched voice, that sounds exaggerated. It’s a common sense not to get them mad, as if they are annoyed, all the hell may break loose. She won’t be shy to express her feelings even in public, and you might get embarrassed.

4. They love dressing up provocatively

Like with height, this is not an absolute rule, but most of the Ladyboys love feeling like a woman and the attention, so they wear tight skirts, high heels, often outfits that reveal a lot.

5. Check If She Has A Bra Or A Padded One

In Thailand, many Katoey have breast implants so many are comfortable not wearing a bra, these are usually bar girls (hookers). This goes against the norm of the culture in Thailand. Still, don’t forget many Katoey do wear them, so if she has it, it’s still possible it’s a Ladyboy.

On the other hand, it’s different in the Philippines. 90% of Ladyboys in the Philippines don;t have breast implants so they use heavily padded bras to or hormones to have the appearance of breasts.

6. Listen To Their Voice

As we said, Ladyboys are training to speak like girls, and many of them are very good at it. Usually, when you talk to them, they’ll sound more like women than man, since their voice will be high pitched. But if you pay attention, you’ll hear that her voice sounds a bit odd. Of course, is she only says “Hi” that won’t tell you much, but if she elaborates further (even if you don’t understand her!), you’ll recognize it easier.

7. Adam’s Apple

It’s simple – girls don’t have Adam’s Apple, so if you see it on her, it has to be a Ladyboy. Still, if someone doesn’t have it, it doesn’t mean it’s not a Ladyboy. Removing Adam’s Apple is something that can be done surgically, and it’s a common practice in Thailand.

8. Dressed To Impress

While most of the Thai girls are dressing modestly, that’s not the case with Ladyboys! They are usually wearing dresses in screaming colors, as they are self-confident and again, they enjoy the attention. 

9. Check Their Elbows

This is the advice from locals, but it may sound weird. Supposedly, men and women have differently shaped elbows. Men’s elbows should be more square than women’s, but it’s not always the case. The other thing is, something you can’t check that out at all if she is wearing long sleeves.

10. Check the ID

This is pretty self explanatory. If all else fails and you still aren’t sure. Just ask to see their ID to check if they have a male name or are listed as “Male” on the gender of the ID. Usually Ladyboy use fake names so don;t expect their name to match up on the ID.


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